I occasionally make cocktail menus and bartend small gatherings.

2018 Murder Mystery Party
Each murder mystery participant was themed after a specific color, Clue-style.
Menu [pdf]

2017 birthday party
Each drink is based on an item in his resume.
Menu [png] | Recipe Sheet [txt]

2015 Avametric Holiday Party
At the time of this party, we had two teams, Team Green and Team Hippocorn, as well as a leaky roof.
Menu [png] | Recipe Sheet [txt]

2013 CSGSA Masked Ball
Same party, one year later.
Menu [png] | Recipe Sheet [pdf]

2012 CSGSA Halloween Party
The presidential election was around the corner when the CSGSA (Computer Science Graduate Student Association at Berkeley) had its halloween party.
Menu [png] | Recipe Sheet [txt]