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I'm a 3D Computer Graphics software engineer, building tools and visualizations to help everyday people interact with deeply technical systems.

I am currently self-employed at Robot Armin, LLC and open to short-term contract work.

Previously, I helped humans and self-driving cars communicate with graphics & visualizations at Argo AI, leading the Visualization, Remote Guidance, and User Experience teams.

Before that, I worked on fashion-technology at Avametric, a virtual fitting room startup that helps you choose the best size for your body, and on Photoshop Fix and Mix at Adobe.

I received my Master's from the Visual Computing Lab at U.C. Berkeley, advised by James O'Brien and funded by the NSF GRFP. I received my Bachelor's from U.C. Santa Cruz, advised by James Davis.

I am actively developing the Ranked-Choice Voting Visualizer - I believe that RCV will make our elections fairer, and the biggest obstacle to its widespread adoption is lack of understanding. I hope the Visualizer can fill some of that gap.

Email me at [first name].[last name]

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Last updated: December 2020